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I wanted to share this for anyone who has not seen it on facebook or twitter. This can be fact right now if we all focus our intent of this manifesting.
Peace be with you all.

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Have a read, everyone, and tell us what you think! Is this what it will sound like?

Well, Jean, I think it’s just that I so long to hear the following speech that I just had to write it myself, so I could have the small comfort of seeing the joyous announcement in print, as if it had really come true.  And may it be, yes, let it be!




In case anyone out there is currently drafting a global announcement that will address the gist without freaking everyone out, here’s my take (presumed speaker is President Barack Obama):

My fellow Americans, and my fellow citizens of the world,

Shortly before I took office four years ago, I became aware – as every president since John F. Kennedy has before me – that a shadow government of financial interests exerts a pervasive control over the affairs of…

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knowing oneself

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As I enter a new adventure in my life, I am experiencing many opportunities to learn more about myself. Why is this important you may ask. Let me explain.

As we all gain more life experience, we have opportunities come into our lives for learning more about ourselves. This may be “disguised” as a simple walk in the park or, something as complex as entering into a new relationship. Whatever the case, the opportunity, regardless of if we “notice” it or not, is ours for the taking and, most times will lead to some self awareness. My experience is that this happens more times than not when we are not in our comfort zone. So, we must get up off of the proverbial couch and, move into an area that is just slightly less comfortable. If we seek more intense growth, of course we need to subject ourself to a much more uncomfortable experience. Either way, as we immerse ourself fully into this experience, the growth process is initiated and, thus self awareness begins.

I have recently been given many opportunities for growth and, I must say, it has been a very interesting ride to say the least.

My advice, if it is so desired, is to continue the forward movement and, get out of that comfort zone you are “stuck” in every once in a while. You may be surprised what you discover about yourself.


Change, the constant

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As I witness and, experience the changes that are going on right now, more truth coming to the surface, corporations being held accountable, some major bank “big wigs” resigning, etc I can’t help but notice how all this change is helping us, as a collective, come together more and more.

Something else I notice is, how I, from time to time, would like the change to stop and, everything just be for a while. However, I know that change is the universal constant and, a lot of how we perceive change lies on our own shoulders and, where we choose to focus our energies.
For example: If I choose to focus on all the “limiting laws” that our government is so good at making, of course I would see most change as “bad”.

However, if I choose to focus more on being in love and, acceptance in these experiences, I will see things in a totally different way with an open heart.

So, even though change is a universal constant, how I “react” or, respond to them will dictate how I experience this fantastic time we are all going through right now.

Peace, love, and balance always in all ways.


Remaining balanced

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One thing that I have tried my best to do in these intense times we are experiencing is remained balanced. One of the best ways that I have found that works for me is meditation. This is an excellent way to tune in to your true self and, connect with higher levels of consciousness. There are many different “styles” or, modalities of meditation. If this resonates with you, this small video is one good resource that you can look at. http://youtu.be/jVSD66ZkF4g

Something else that works for me is walking in nature. This, I find, is like a walking meditation, of sorts, for me. I find that while I am in nature, I can re connect with my true self on a different level and, I am surrounded by beauty and, the natural flow of things.

These are just a couple ways that I have found to stay grounded and balanced. If you are finding it hard to integrate the energy we are going through in this shift, I suggest looking at these two ways to balance yourself but, also follow what feels right to you and, always remember just because it works for someone else does not mean that it will work for you. We are all lovely and, awesome beings of light and, we all have our own special way of doing things. Explore that.

Until next time,

♥ Namaste ♥

Growth and how it works…

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So, I have been getting a lot of growth opportunities lately and, I am happy to say that most of my experiences are positive. Yes, every once in a while there is a “wrench” thrown in there but, what I know about myself is that most of those times I am usually in reaction. So, I try my best to reflect and, see what I missed in the lesson that was provided and, move forward.

Growth, in my experience comes in many many different forms. It could come in the guise of a loving relationship with someone that one holds close to there heart. It may also come in a great outdoor experience that one has walking through the park. Then again, it could come from an experience that feels not so nice and, may feel like you are being “stretched” beyond your normal boundaries. Bottom line is that they will come and, based on where one is at this particular time, it could be a good experience or a not so good experience. However, all growth is good. It’s totally up to us to see the experience in the most positive way that we can.

Hope that helps someone and, I truly hope that everyone who reads these words chooses to have a positive growth experience.


I am more

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More and more in these changing times, am I reminded that I am more of what I see in the mirror. Or, more than what I have been lead to believe I was according to society and/or the “powers” that be AKA our “leaders”.

It makes me feel good to know that we, as a planetary collective are returning to all that we truly are. To me, what this means is following my heart and, my inner knowing of what I truly am. Also, I see fantastic awakenings happening all around the world of groups of people coming together for a common cause and standing up to those that would try to hold them down or, oppress them. My experience is that we, as individual light beings, are able to be anything we want and, the only thing that holds us back from being that perfect being is ourselves. Mostly because of the “programming” that we have been subjected to in the past which, is no longer valid for us.

So, know, as I know, we are all more. Look into your mirror in the morning and see, no claim and envision that you are all that you know you are as I know I am a galactic light being here on this earth having a human experience. Soon, we will all come together in love and acceptance and, this experience will be what it should have been long ago.

♥ Peace, love and balance to all ♥

follow your own path

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In these times, with so much “fear based” information being presented to society, online, on the “news” from flyers, etc, one has to decide unto themselves what path they will follow.

1. The fear based path, filled with questions about, what should I do if “whatever” happens and, giving away your power to the “leaders” and believing what they say for “truth”.

2. The love based path. Being aware of how the world is changing and, choosing to accept it in a loving and, open hearted way no matter what the “leaders” say you should or shouldn’t do and thinking for yourself.

In the end, your path is your own. Be inquisitive, ask the hard questions and, demand answers. If it doesn’t feel right, for YOU, pass it by and follow your path to the next growth opportunity. We are all on mother, that’s earth for those not in the know, for a reason and, this moment right here, right now is happening for the betterment of all. So, have fun, be aware and, LIVE your life the way you will.

♥ Namaste ♥

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