As it has been one year almost to the day since I have posted anything on this page, I wanted to post something up to touch base with anyone who is following me here and give a heads up about where I am on my path.

One thing that I have learned about this “ascension” that we are going through is that it is a very personal experience. This means to me that as we become more awake and aware on the planet, there will be those that seem further along in there development than others. This is because we each individually are on our own unique paths. Thus as we gain more understanding of ourselves, we will gain more understanding of the world around us.

The truth that I share now is this. If you want to change the world, change yourself. When those that you interact with daily see that you have changed for the better, they will start to ask and wonder about what you have done to get to where you are.

Everything unfolds in divine timing which is perfect. So, follow what feels right and be open to the process regardless of how long it may take. As one is able to step up to the next level of awareness, they are able to see how valuable their time spent in self reflection and gained awareness is.

In peace and blaance