Moving forward in this new age, there is a new energy coming into my field of the awakening that is happening. I have been made aware of a movement, if you want to call it that, of an awakening of those who are willing to do the research and, claim back there divine birth right in addition to being responsible for there own actions and, thus, no longer participating in the “slave” based debt system.

Understandably, there are those who are weary of this as, it’s main focus is challenging all of us to no longer participate in the game of the illusion and, be responsible human beings. This means that we can no longer “rely” on big brother to hold our proverbial hand any more. This also means that we are moving into a new era of abundance, IF we want it and no longer living under the watchful eyes of those “interested parties”.

So, the coming few weeks and months are going to look very different for a lot of people especially for those that are willing and ready to step outside of the box.

Take joy and, be happy in the knowing that you are a divine galactic being of light here to experience this awesome shift and, help to create this new earth.

enjoy ❤