As I witness and, experience the changes that are going on right now, more truth coming to the surface, corporations being held accountable, some major bank “big wigs” resigning, etc I can’t help but notice how all this change is helping us, as a collective, come together more and more.

Something else I notice is, how I, from time to time, would like the change to stop and, everything just be for a while. However, I know that change is the universal constant and, a lot of how we perceive change lies on our own shoulders and, where we choose to focus our energies.
For example: If I choose to focus on all the “limiting laws” that our government is so good at making, of course I would see most change as “bad”.

However, if I choose to focus more on being in love and, acceptance in these experiences, I will see things in a totally different way with an open heart.

So, even though change is a universal constant, how I “react” or, respond to them will dictate how I experience this fantastic time we are all going through right now.

Peace, love, and balance always in all ways.