In these times, with so much “fear based” information being presented to society, online, on the “news” from flyers, etc, one has to decide unto themselves what path they will follow.

1. The fear based path, filled with questions about, what should I do if “whatever” happens and, giving away your power to the “leaders” and believing what they say for “truth”.

2. The love based path. Being aware of how the world is changing and, choosing to accept it in a loving and, open hearted way no matter what the “leaders” say you should or shouldn’t do and thinking for yourself.

In the end, your path is your own. Be inquisitive, ask the hard questions and, demand answers. If it doesn’t feel right, for YOU, pass it by and follow your path to the next growth opportunity. We are all on mother, that’s earth for those not in the know, for a reason and, this moment right here, right now is happening for the betterment of all. So, have fun, be aware and, LIVE your life the way you will.

♥ Namaste ♥